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Our many years of experience mailing millions of postcards annually has given us valuable insight in knowing exactly which demographics to target based upon your template selection. Even if you have the most eye-popping ad, you still need to make sure it gets in front of the right person. It’s like going fishing. There are certain types of bait you use when fishing in a river, lake or in the ocean. Different baits will attract certain types of fish. With postcards as our bait, we have figured out where the fish are and what bait to use based on your template.

Targeted Direct Mail

There are two different types of mailings – saturation & consumer (targeted).

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Saturation Mailing is the Most Economical

This is the most cost effective and doesn’t require postal system sorting, saving both time and money. For example, if a particular carrier route has 400 homes we will ink-jet the addresses in walking sequential order so that we bundle the 400 postcards and set this directly on the postal carrier vehicle. As the postman puts the mail in each mailbox, he will grab the postcard, then the stack of mail that is already presorted and put the entire bundle into the mailbox. With this type of mailing we can go after carrier routes that have an average income, home value or age.

Consumer (Targeted) Mailing Pinpoints a Certain Demographic

For instance, if you’re targeting the Medicare population, we would only put this in the hands of somebody 65 years of age or older. If you’re using a diabetes template, we would make sure we only mail this to households that have a diabetic resident. This type of mailing is a little more expensive, but well worth it.

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