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Superior Marketing is pleased to present training resources as part of our medical marketing solutions. When you choose one of our medical specialty templates, we ​provide you with insights and best practices on how to sell your services when the phone rings. Superior Marketing helps ensure your success.


Learn how to handle telephone inquiries with great efficiency through the following programs:


Call For Questions

(888) 531-4929

Message For Questions



Inbound call script to substantially increase the amount of appointments set


Monitored & recorded call tracking (with feedback)


Comprehensive Forms & Trackers

Training Resources

Exclusive Training Video hosted by Lori Allen


Telephone Inquiry Dinner/Educational Workshop Checklist


Telephone Inquiry Dinner/Educational Workshop Lead Form


Effectively Scheduling a Dinner/Educational Workshop Script


Telephone Inquiry Consultation & Lead Script

Telephone Inquiry Consultation & Lead Form & Checklist

Delivered Postcards

Happy Customers

Successful Campaigns

Years of Experience

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