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Direct mail campaigns

We like to call it the 3-second rule. If the recipient can’t tell what the piece is about in 3 seconds, it’s often ignored. By giving them just enough information to pique their curiosity, they will be most likely to call for more information. We have hundreds of templates, but the templates shown are our most popular and most effective to date.

performance tracking

Think of Call Tracking as a doctor that cures businesses. Through Call Tracking, we examine the marketing, sales and training aspects of a particular company, just like a physician examines a patient. Call Tracking technology serves as the instrument that diagnoses your problems so we can provide solutions.
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Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Getting the right message across is the key factor to a successful marketing campaign. Through years of advertising for a large variety of industries and business types, we have developed postcard templates with a proven track record of getting our clients the results they are seeking. Let our experience save you time and money.

Chiropractic / Functional Medicine
We use a Dinner/Lunch or Virtual Seminar model as a great way to encourage new patients to become regulars! With complete marketing support and training, this is one of our most successful campaign types. This approach can be applied to virtually any medical condition you specialize in.
Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is becoming increasingly popular with potential new patients seeking a non-surgical approach to their joint pain issues. However major advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook have essentially banned any advertising for Regenerative Medicine. Direct Mail remains a very effective option to promote your Regenerative Medicine services to a receptive audience.

Weight Loss
There is no bigger enticement than the opportunity for successful medical weight loss! This campaign comes with a host of marketing support to help you close your new patients. This program has proven very successful for weight loss advertising.
With the dramatic increase of new Type 2 Diabetes patients, many are looking for options to reduce or eliminate their costly medications and alleviate one of diabetes’ most commonly-related conditions, neuropathy . You can be that provider! Offer them a lunch or dinner and speak to them about alternative approaches to managing their condition.
Now more than ever, dentists are competing for a smaller pool of qualified patients. Our Dental Campaigns have reinvigorated sleepy practices with the flow of new patients.
Auto Repair shops are always in demand! Offer your potential customers deals that they can’t resist to set yourself apart from the competition. Get yourself noticed.
Health Clubs / Gyms
One of the industries most impacted by COVID-19 have been Health Clubs and Gyms. Now more than ever, direct messaging is needed to reach those who are most likely to need these services. What better way than direct mail to reach potential customers?

What Do Our Customers Think?

” We have been doing business with Superior Marketing for over 5 years now. Prior to that we were using other vendors that required so much time in the planning process every month. Superior Marketing has superior customer service. It is just outstanding. I really like the attention to detail and that they actually listen to our requests. They often suggest better ways for us to move forward because of their knowledge in the industry. However, what I like most is the ability to track the calls coming in and manipulate the data in several ways. It helps us calculate our ROI and enables us to tell which campaigns are working.”

– Betsy Ciciliot

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