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Call Tracking & Analytics

Think of Call Tracking as a doctor that cures businesses. Through Call Tracking, we examine the marketing, sales and training aspects of a particular company, just like a physician examines a patient. Call Tracking technology serves as the instrument that diagnoses your problems so we can provide solutions. If you aren’t tracking incoming sales calls, odds are you are missing vital leads generated by our call-to-action ads! Unless you use Call Tracking, you can’t tell how effective your advertising really is!

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State-of-the-Art Call Tracking can Help You Gadge Your campaign’s Effectiveness.


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How It Works

Call Tracking captures every caller’s phone number & location, identifies the advertising source and records calls for review, enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads.

Why It Works

  • Captures the lead!
  • Maximizes returns on investments
  • Improves conversion rate of leads to appointments set
  • Hear first-hand what your customers and employees are saying

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